Ties That Bind Series



Valentine Rossi will do anything to keep her brother safe, including taking on the mafia family that murdered her father. The Gallos don’t forget old debts and Valentine must team up with hunky police detective, Nick James, and sexy mafia hitman, Ace Petto, to save her family.

Nick and Ace both want Valentine and when she asks them to share her, they must put aside their differences and find a way to make her theirs. When the Gallo family expects Valentine to pay back her father’s debt, her overprotective alpha men must prove that they can work together to keep her safe. Will the three of them be able to break free from their family’s mafia ties?




Sofia Marino’s world was turned upside down when her father betrayed the mafia family he worked for; paying for his disloyalty with his own life. Now, Sofia must face being marketed as a “Virgin Mafia Princess” and sold off to the highest bidder to atone for her father’s sins. She never counted on the two sexy alpha men who not only bought her but made her theirs body, mind and soul.

Anton Rossi and Luca Gallo had one job to do on the night of the auction—go in and gather intel to bring down the Marino family. Instead, Luca spies the beautiful blast from his past and he can’t help but bid on her. When Anton agrees to add Sofia to the already explosive relationship that is budding between the two of them, the lines get blurred and they find that there is no turning back. Will the three of them be able to untangle the mafia ties that bind them?




Mila Gallo had been running from a life she was trying to forget. When her father dies, her journey leads her home to Chicago where she must face her family's mafia connections and the man who so easily tossed her aside. Seeing Maxen Fontana again isn't part of the plan and neither is falling for her sexy as sin boss, Gabrielle Leone. But, you know what they say about best-laid plans, right?

Gabe Leone was just looking for a nanny for his two kids but when sexy Mila Gallo stumbled into his life, his needs changed. As Police Commissioner, falling for a woman with the last name Gallo wasn't his brightest idea but then again, neither was jumping into bed with Max Fontana. Being in the public eye had its challenges and when the media attacks the two people he wants most, all bets are off.

Max Fontana had been in love with Mila Gallo since she was just a kid, but he fucked everything up by keeping his secret. He pushed her away and she vowed to never let him touch her again. He lied to himself, believing that Gabe Leone was enough for him, but he wasn't. Max was falling for both Gabe and Mila and he was used to getting what he wanted—at any cost.