Reckoning MC Seer Series



I saw him coming but that didn’t prepare me for the Reaper I found. He was so different from the little boy who haunted my dreams with his sad eyes and pleas for help. No—the man he had turned out to be was confident and cocky; willing to stand up for what was right. Saving him is my only way to save myself and I’ll do whatever it takes, including using my gifts as a seer. I come from a long line of women who can see the past and the future but this time, I’m afraid that the darkness will consume my visions and my only lifeline is Reaper.




As president of my MC, I thought I was prepared for anything. Lyra and her kid proved me wrong at every turn. She’s a seer, someone who could tell me my future, but I already know what it will be. I’m destined to be alone, or at least I thought I was until she stumbled into my bar during a freak storm, needing my help. How could I say no to the only woman I’ve wanted in what feels like a lifetime? Her gifts are her burden and now, she and her daughter are being hunted for their special abilities. My plan? To stay one step ahead of the assholes following her and come out of this thing with my heart in one piece. I have a feeling that’s going to be easier said than done with my beautiful seer.




I wanted to be their woman but that came at a cost—one that I wasn’t sure I could pay. My control is what has kept me alive so far and giving it to them wasn’t my first choice, but I had to save Jag’s life. Spending one night between them was the only way to stop the horrifying vision I had of him laying on the side of the road. Giving Texas and Jag my body was something I could do if it meant I’d change the outcome of my premonition. I’d given plenty of men my body—but these two wanted more. They wanted my mind, my tightly held control, and my soul.
I’ll give them what they want. I have no choice. I’m their seer and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them—both of them.