Savage Hell  MC Series




I know who I am—I’m a one-percenter. I’m a bottom feeder of society; at least that’s what I’m told. Sure, I’ve made some mistakes but I’ve paid for them. I’m free and ready to prove that I’m not who everyone thought I was. I want things I never thought were possible until now—until her. Vivian Ward is my salvation and I won’t let her go.

Cillian James walked into my life and turned my boring little world on its ass. Everyone deserves a second chance to make things right and God, I want to be his. I know who he is; who everyone claims him to be but he’s not a killer. They might have given him the nickname “Kill” but those assholes don’t know him like I do. He’s so much more than what they’ve made him.




Some people see that word as something dirty and disgusting but I wear that title proudly. It’s what I do to stay alive—to keep a roof over my head and food in my belly but it’s not who I am. I’m usually fine with the way people look at me—men want to fuck me and women love to judge me. Repo changed all of that. He bailed me out of jail and held me prisoner and God, I wanted to hate him. He broke down my defenses and showed me that I am so much more than just a piece of ass with a price tag on it. I want to be the woman he thinks I am but I’m afraid I’ll never live up to his expectations.

Bailing Cat out of jail was my job but keeping her close was sheer torture. What choice did she leave me though? She was a runner and if I gave her the chance she would have taken off on me and I could kiss her bond money goodbye. She was a job and the hell she put me through would all be worth it once I got my money back—at least that was the lie I chose to believe. Truth is I understand her. Hell, I was Cat—doing whatever I had to survive. She’s so willing to accept the labels that society has given her but I’m ready to add one more to the list—wife.




Tatum Hart is my friend's little sister and I know she's off-limits, but I don't care. The woman entered my life like a tornado; with a force that even I wasn't expecting and now I need to decide if she's worth breaking the rules for. If I make her mine, I'll be breaking our club's unwritten code and pissing off a lot of my brothers, but I can't tell her no. Not when she needs me. I'm the only person she has left to turn to, and I won't let her down the way her brother did.

Ryder is the sexiest man I ever met, and he has me thinking about doing things that I never wanted to do before. To say my experience with men is lacking is an understatement—it's non-existent. But Ryder McGraw makes me half-crazy with need despite my brother's warnings. I know who Ryder is—at least I thought I did. He's in the same MC as my brother and Savage Hell's members are notorious for their bad boy reputations. That won't change the fact that I not only want Ryder, but I also need him—now more than ever.