Silver Wolf Shifter Series



Gray was getting his driver’s license when Kaiah Nez was still toddling around in diapers but, she grew up just fine. Ever since he met her, he can’t keep Kaiah out of his mind—literally. She’s a seer and the more he tries to push her away, the more she pries into his thoughts and eventually, his heart.

With one rogue thought, Gray lets Kaiah know that he wants her. If she was game, he’d be hers for the taking. All she’d have to do is say yes to him and he’d claim her. When Kaiah once again finds herself being chased down by human hunters and her own pack, Gray doesn’t hesitate to risk his neck to save hers. As far as he’s concerned, risking his life for Kaiah is worth it. She’s his Baby Girl and hearing her call him Daddy is everything.




This crazy plan had to work because if it didn’t, Lilith Mercury would lose her little sister, Willow, and that wasn’t something she could live with. She had to let the Devils’ auction her off to the highest bidder or she’d be screwed and they’d kill Willow. They were the most ruthless wolf shifters out there and when they made a promise, they kept it. When she’s handed over to Nomad, he’s the stipulation that might mess up her plans and lose Lilith everything. Nobody counted on her being a shifter herself and her fox wasn’t the only surprise she had in store for them. No, she was something special and she was sure they hadn’t seen anything like her yet.

Colt Sutton was not only one of Nomad’s closest friends, he was his boss at the Bureau. They were both a part of the same shifter wolf pack—Perdition and had an unbreakable connection. What he couldn’t get his friend to understand was that he wanted out—of everything. Nomad was done with his past, having served his ten years for making the biggest mistake of his life and he was done with the FBI. He was ready to retire, even if Colt had other plans for him. He just never imagined that his friend’s plans would include sharing the sexy little fox who not only needed their help but wanted them both in her bed. Nomad couldn’t share, he wouldn’t. Not until Lilith made him and Colt an offer they couldn’t refuse—her body and her submission.



Stardust Luntz was a runner. When things got to be too much for her to handle, she moved on. And now, she had run herself right out of options. Star was back on her reservation with her tribe—her pack. It was the place she had grown up, the place she fell in love for the first time, and where she had left her heart when she foolishly took off. Her heart belonged to Lake Sani and had for the past ten years, but she took a little piece of him with her when she left, and now, it was time to come clean, tell him the truth and let the chips fall where they may. It was time to introduce Lake to his son and hope like hell she could find a way to earn his forgiveness because living without him had proven damn near impossible. 

Star was home—his Star. Despite the heartache of losing her ten years ago, Lake was willing to play the fool and take her back. He still loved her—hell, he’d never stopped. Even when word got back to the reservation that Star had found love with some big shot hockey player, settled down, gotten married, and had the guy’s kid, he never gave up on wanting her. Sure, it hurt like hell because that was what Lake wanted with her, but Star made it damn clear that she didn’t feel the same way about him just before she packed her suitcase and left town. Now, she’s back with her son, Kai, and Lake is willing to let her back into his life, his home, and his heart. He knows the risk he’s taking but he doesn’t care. When it comes to Stardust, he’ll chance just about everything to get what he wants from her.