Owned Series



When she walked into that BDSM club all I could think about was making her mine. I didn’t expect her to agree to my kinky desires and I especially didn’t plan on her being a virgin.

She wasn’t for me—too pure and innocent but I wanted her. She was light and I was stuck in eternal darkness until the day she agreed to be my submissive.

I want to consume her, mark her, and make her mine completely but I can’t take the chance that my personal aspirations will end up destroying her too. Keeping her a secret is my only path and one that might just lead to both of our destruction.




I've agreed to be his submissive, but I need him for so much more. I have to get married to keep the fortune my grandfather left me and Corbin Eklund seems to be my only option. As far as options go—he’s not a bad one. Falling in love with him wasn't part of my plan. Neither was running into ghosts from my past. Giving myself to him, body, mind and soul, is my only desire and my salvation.

Avalon Michaels has finally agreed to be my submissive, but I want her for so much more. If I have my way, and I usually do, she will be my wife. I don't care that I've played right into her hands—she’s mine now and that's all that matters. I won't let anyone or anything from her past touch her. I protect what's mine and my wife is at the top of that list.





It's an ugly way of saying that I'm way too old for the cowboy who has quickly claimed my heart and tamed my body. A cougar is a predator and maybe that's how some see me but we know the truth. I'm his submissive and he's my Dom. Our age difference won't ever change that fact.

I wanted her since the first night I laid eyes on her at that bar. What were the chances of us both being there to forget the fact that we were turning another year older? I convinced her to be my sub. My beautiful cougar submissive but I can see the worry in her eyes every time the subject of our age difference comes up. I say screw all the naysayers and screw age too—it’s just a number anyway. Now, I'll just need to convince my Rose to give me more than her submission. I want all of her- from her polished, perfect outer exterior right down to her beautiful heart. She's mine.

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Sure, I’m a nerd. A huge nerd—with my unruly red hair and my dorky glasses. I’ve learned to embrace who I am. Heck, I’ve even learned to love myself, but then Tyler Nash walked into the bank that I manage, to ask for a loan for his new ranch, turning my world upside down. He was the local football hero, my high school crush, and my older brother’s friend. The problem is, he didn’t know I existed back then, but he’s sure noticing me now. Yeah—I’m a nerd, a sexy, confident nerd.

Buying the ranch adjacent to my brother’s place is my only desire. Well, until I meet sexy Lucinda Dixon, and now—all I want is her underneath me, screaming out my name, as I rock her nerdy world. My only issue is, will I be able to land my loan, and the woman I was stupid enough to never notice back in high school? Her brother, Ford, won’t be happy about me wanting to make Luci mine, but our friendship won’t stop me from taking what I want. I won’t stop until I make Lucinda Dixon my nerdy submissive.