Taken Series




One simple word shouldn’t be so hard to wrap my brain around but it is. They both want me and I can’t be theirs. I was hired to be their personal assistant not their submissive but my bosses have other ideas. My son is depending on me to take care of him—I’m all he has. Jumping into bed between my sexy, twin, alpha bosses will be the biggest mistake of my life. Well, second biggest but who’s counting.

If I let them share me I stand the chance of losing more than just my job. I could lose my heart and I’m not sure that I would ever bounce back from that. I want them both but more than that, I need them—now more than ever. My past is quickly catching up to me and I might never be able to outrun it. Without their help, I could lose everything and I won’t let that happen.




She’s not for me—not anymore. She was mine—once, but that was a long time ago and I let her walk away. How could I tell my best friend that she wasn’t enough for me?

When she shows up on the top of my mountain during a blizzard, with a complete stranger by her side, I know something’s not right. She’s in trouble and the beautiful man with her IS trouble but, I don’t care. I want them—both of them and before the storm lets up, I’ll have what I want.




 How do you have one crazy, mixed-up, sexy as sin Christmas? That’s easy—just agree to spend the holidays in bed between two hot alphas you’ve secretly been in love with since high school.
Going home single for the holidays was the pits. Toss in a thirtieth birthday on Christmas Day and that was a recipe for disaster. Winter Snow was going to throw in the towel and cancel her Christmas plans when her best friend, Chris Shepley, came up with a brilliant idea—he’d pretend to be her boyfriend. It was perfect really—they had been together since birth, when their moms met in the maternity ward on Christmas Day, thirty years ago. Her family adored Chris and they’d be able to celebrate their special day together. The one catch? Well, there are two—he’s bisexual and she’s pretty sure he’s in love with Luke Tannen. The other problem—Winter’s already madly in love with Chris and letting him help her could have her confessing all her dirty secrets to him.
When Chris comes up with a plan that will make them all happy, will Winter be able to let go of what everyone else wants her to be and embrace the new life that he and Luke are offering her? Or, will she play it safe and give up not just one but two perfect guys to keep her life simple?