Perdition MC Shifter Series



I woke up in the middle of nowhere knowing that my life had been changed forever. They transformed me into someone I don’t recognize, or in this case—some THING. They made me a shifter and I have no idea why. I can feel my inner wolf clawing at my insides, wanting to get out but I can’t let that happen. I won’t let him hurt the woman I love; I just got her back and now there’s so much more at stake. Sophie’s pregnant with my baby and we need to figure out if he’ll be a wolf like his old man. I’m new to this whole shifter world and if I don’t find answers soon, I’ll have to let her go. I’ll have to let them both walk out of my life and that will kill me.

Ringer has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I’m pretty sure I’ve been in love with him the whole time. I gave him one night because it was all he asked for, but he gave me so much more in return. I’ve hidden my pregnancy from everyone so far, but now, that’s become impossible to do. I need to make a choice—let my guard down and embrace the shifter he’s become or raise my son on my own.




Aylen is my world, my life, my mate. She was supposed to be a gift for my brother but I was a selfish bastard and took her for myself. What shifter on the planet could resist a wolf shifter and a seer all rolled up in one sexy as hell package? As alpha of my MC pack, I could have any female I wanted but I want her, even if it destroys my relationship with my brother. But, is she worth it?

I lost everything—my home, my family, and my life as I knew it. Rios planned my abduction and had me brought halfway across the country as a gift for his older brother. He took his brother’s position as alpha and now, he’s taken me. I hate the rift that my belonging to Rios has caused in his club and his family. How can I heal both of our families and find a way forward with the alpha shifter who now owns me—heart and soul?




I was born to be alpha to my pack—my family. I walked away from my responsibilities, joining the Marines to see the world. I just never expected to fall for Adriana Lopez while I was stationed in El Salvador. She owned my heart until the night she lost everything because of me. Now, she’s dead and there will be no way to tell her how sorry I am. I’ll just have to live with the guilt since there is no way to make amends.

I walked into Tito’s Bar expecting to deliver my news to Trace and keep my walls in place. I learned a long time ago that no man was worth the price of losing everything and everyone you love—not even Trace Rios. He was supposed to be dead but that all turned out to be a lie. Now, I have no choice but to face him and give him the truth—he has a five-year-old son who’s turning out to be more of a handful than I could have ever imagined. I watched him turn into a wolf right in front of my eyes, just like his father and now, I’m faced with no other choice than to tell Trace about him. I can’t go it alone anymore. I need help to raise our little wolf and if that means turning to the only man I’ve ever loved, I’ll do it.