The Elite Enforcers



The very last thing Oryana Nez thought she would be doing just weeks before Christmas was going on the run with the bear shifter who broke her heart. But the hunters who were on her trail didn't leave her much choice. It was either go to Alaska with Hawk or let the hunters find her and sell her off on the shifter black market. She knew she'd fetch a pretty penny and that the hunters wouldn't rest until they had her. Hawk promised to keep her safe and that was something she hadn't felt in a damn long time.
Hawk Acosta was a bear shifter with a problem—she was about five foot eleven with long, dark hair and sexy as hell. Yeah—he had it bad for the little seer who stole his heart back in high school, but he screwed everything up when he betrayed her trust. He was young, stupid, and knew that wasn't a good enough excuse for what he had done to Nena. He'd been trying to make it up to her for years now and nothing seemed good enough. His only hope was her letting him help keep her safe from the hunters who were after her. At least then, he might get his chance to prove to her that he had changed. He wanted that chance more than he ever wanted anything—it was just going to take a Christmas miracle to make it happen.